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We love Earth. Sounds familiar? You probably have heard it somewhere. No wonder, Earth should by loved by all mankind. She is our home, mother, shelter. But we also have to remember that She can bring danger and destroy humans in one second.
And we – people – do everything to let it happen because we permanently degrade our environment…

Probably you live in a city. You wear comfortable shoes and clothes, maybe you listen to music on mp3 player and often carry a laptop. You’re going to work or to school, waiting for a bus, driving a car you’re in a taxi.

You like to go to restaurants, cinemas, to park, for a walk with a dog. You’re surrounded by walls, bricks, asphalt, plastics, glass. Sometimes you come up against couple of trees in a park or flowers in a big pot…We have decide to start production of handmade, unique bags especially for you!

Natural environment is so far away from the city. Forests, jungles, deep oceans are out of reach… We don’t pay much attention to Nature until it appears.

But when it does it thunders and loudly cries: you depend only on me. Those moments are able to wake us up and make us think that Earth is only one.

An idea to make bags from upcycled materials was born many years ago, when we discovered what is really important in life. We needed a typhoon for that though; you can read about it somewhere else on our website. After that we stopped thinking only about ourselves and started completely new way of thinking.

We live not to have but to be. We want to live in harmony with each other, with nature, with passion. Of course, we need to earn money – we have to do it, it is a part of everybody’s life. But we decided to do it in our own way. We want Earth to take advantage from us. We want our unique and fantastic Clients to be satisfied. We are producers and designers of unique laptop bags, handbags, purses, backpacks and more - Check out our unique collection!

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