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8bag is producer and designer of handmade bags

Your hand is able to give new shapes and new meanings to things. Change, transform, turn into something else or destroy them. Your hand can create from the very beginning, give new life and new significance. Engrave a signature.

Designer handmade laptop shoulder bag - 8bagHand-made objects are unique. One hand will never create two identical ones. It doesn’t matter if it jewellery, a knitted sweater, a ceramic mug or embroidered cloth, wooden furniture, sculpture or skirt sewn at home.

All our unique 8bags are hand-made. They are unique not only thanks to upcycled materials but first and foremost to our own hands. They put them together, composed and sewed. Although we use ready projects, every bag is a different story. To each and every one of them we add something new, something different. Different material inside, slightly different color or decoration. One form doesn’t mean replication.Process of design handmade bagsSeat belts used in production of out unique products

So it is with people. We all (almost) have arms, legs, hands, necks, bellies and necks in the same places. But single “copies" are diametrically opposite. As we differ between each other – same is with our hand-made 8bags.

Hand-made is an alternative to the world of mass production, factories, replication and trash. Our own hands are able to create a new world full of new and beautiful things. With love and care.

We have already started to do it by making our8bags for you. What is your idea to create a brave new world?

8bag - Be unique. Handmade bags producer - logotype

As kids we lived in a city, far away from nature. We didn’t have many occasions to run in forests or swim in lakes. We didn’t think of Earth and her problems: if she needs us or we need her. Ecology? What did it mean anyway? We were playing in city parks or our friends’ houses, we travelled by car or a bus, we ate fast foods and were throwing away trashes anywhere it was possible. And when we had damaged our trousers mom bought new ones.

Until something has changed… One day quite a big typhoon passed through our city and destroyed buildings. Some people were hurt, happily no one got killed. But streets were full of so many things – broken, damaged, devastated. With pack of friends we wanted to help cleaning this terrible mess. But after finding things that where brand new only two days ago we started to feel sorry for them… A colleague brought a bike with bent wheels, somebody else found a broken monitor, a friend took dirty and riddled curtain.

So this is how it all began. We discovered that old things can be used again, not wasted. We took air-chambers and tires of wheels, painted the bicycle green and took it to a garden where it looked very good as a flowerbed. A monitor turned out to be a suitable box for knick-knack. From curtains, air-chambers and tires we created our first bag…

8bag - unique bags made of car seat beltsSeat belt made bag with 8bag - be unique logotype

We do it until know with one difference. Now we are an experienced team of artists and designers with well thought ideas. We know where we can take our materials from and how to make bags to guarantee that they last long. This is our way of life and our way to protect Earth.Car tarpaulin made, unique shoulder bag for women

Our 8bags were born from deep experiences, creativity and idea to live in a different way than everybody else. We do what we love and we want to share it with you.

You’ll feel even more unique than you are now with us.

8bag is using upcycled materials to produce unique handbags for men & women

Car tarpaulin covers

Our 8bags are hard-wearing and durable thanks to those dozen or so years old, forgotten car tarpaulin cover. This material is waterproof, strong and we use it to make external parts of our bags or parts of it. We give them second life.

Bicycle air-chambers

We make effort to ensure that every 8bag is all made of upcycled materials and products. That is why we use old bicycle air-chambers to make fancy zip slides, to trim flaps and to make other elements of the bag. All our air-chambers come from a certain bicycle repair service.

Safety seat belts

Seat belts are a great and important part of all our bags. Not only we use them as strong and safe shoulder belts. Often we use them also to make external part of the bags by interweaving them.What are our unique, handmade bags made from - Infographic

Codura, old curtains, other textiles

Every bag hides a secret inside. It is colourful, depending on the kind of the material, and thanks to this diversity it is always different.


Mesh is normally used to make advertising banners. And this is where our mesh comes from. They were hanging and advertising fancy products or they were wasted because of some mistakes on the picture. We use them as inside pockets of our 8bags.

Bicycle tires

Just like air-chambers bicycle tire come from a bicycle repair service we know. They don’t waste them, but pass them to us. We transform them into bag footers that protect our bags from damage.Schema present materials used in production of our unique handbags for men & women

Other uncommon things – like computer keyboard

There are so many possibilities! For example parts of a computer keyboard with letters can be used as bag inscriptions or a decoration. We love this idea!

What about alloy can as plant pot - great solution for upcycling!

We were really surprised that people make different, sometimes really wonderful things and call it “upcycling”. Many of us have seen it in our lives without knowing it had a name. For example – we love our desk made of old tables or dresser made of old wooden boards. If you visit us you’ll see it, standing in the corner of the office. We have more examples, each one made by one of us – instead of throwing out old things we used them to make something completely new. And this is what upcycling is in practice.

In simple way the term “upcycling” is to take an existing, usually unused or used in other purpose item and transform it into something useful or even artistic. Imagine this: the soup tin can be transformed into a pencil tin or tea cups into flowerpots. One could say that is recycling, not upcycling but he is wrong – it is something completely different. Upcycling is focused on using and adapting something no longer wanted into something you can use now, while recycling reduces old product to something one can called “base material”, only after than this material can be used to create new products.

Car tarpaulin covers are used to production of our unique bagsThe word “upcycle” was used for the first time in 1994 by Reiner Pilz during an interview about the recycling in Germany. He said that he had been watching how brand new palettes of old building wood imported from England were “recycled”: chopped and smashed with the use of water and some kind of machinery… For him (and for us) – completely irrational. He thought that using this old wood instead of expensive new building materials was a much better solution. It could be cheaper, easier and better for environment. Not to reduce but to improve. Of course it is not always possible. For example an old sheet of paper, somehow you can upcycle it, but how many sheets of paper you can upcycle? This is when recycling is really needed: when you throw your newspaper into the bin, they pulp it and turn into something like a cardboard box or packing material or something different.

Recycling as great way for new look on fashionLet’s return to upcycling. In this “process” we take the original product to transform it and create something useful without strong modifications. It saves energy and water. So simple. You have some old seat belts or old tarpaulin? Create a bag. This is what we do. We take uncommon materials like air-chambers, airbags, tents and, plastic windows etc. and… The effect you can see on our website.

How about an old TV as a fish aquarium? So many possibilities. Such a great space for creativity. And so much love for Earth.

Upcycling is often more simple, safer and wise than recycling. Try it on your own way. But If you do not like spending time on “hand-mades” check what we have got for you.

We love Earth. Do you?

8bag - be unique. We love earth

Everybody knows what recycling is. If you are „ecologically orientated” you will probably pay attention to a product with a label: „recycled”. And you are perfectly aware that there are brands and chain stores that sell only recycled products, starting with typical paper, ending with clothes or furniture. People can reduce and transform everything into everything. But think about it in different way. Are we not victims of so called “greenwashing”? Do we have to believe blindly that a recycled product always means more ecological and safe production? Or maybe… It is worth to know brand new way of using not-needed-anymore things? We mean upcycling of course.

Have you ever used an old cup as a small flowerpot or a cup for pencils? Who hasn’t? This is upcycling in most simple and common way. Instead of melting, smashing, crushing – upcycle gives a new meaning, new life, very often new look, but without expensive machinery and waste of energy and money.

Nothing new, you know. In Europe during world war II women had to do it all the time. They didn’t have so many common things – pots, blankets, furniture or clothes. They managed to survive and they were so creative to change destroyed, damaged things into something needed. Or on the other hand – look at avant garde artists and their „ready mades”. They used typical, everyday articles and changed them into pieces of art only by changing environment… They were no longer just things, they were ART.

This idea is so close to upcycling. It should be common in the world of junk, trashes and useless things. Instead of wasting energy and water on processing start from using „wastes” from the scratch. For example tiles from an old building, or wooden floor… Or like us – old tarpaulin or seat belts, air-chambers and other textiles used in cars, banners or tents.

Seat belts used in production of our unique handbags for men & womenCar tarpaulin cover is used by 8bag in handmade production of unique bags

Why not use old things to create new products? Value of the base material is the same, but the environment – will be much more protected. Transport and production of for example new tiles is so expensive. Or bicycle air-chambers – maybe they will be a great element of a new swing for a child or after few changes –a part of a bag? It doesn’t mean that recycling is useless and we should immediately stop doing it! This is not a good idea. It is very necessary in many cases.

Upcycled materials used in production of unique laptop bags

Sometimes upcycling is much more rational. There is an endless amount of materials that can be upcycled. We know it already, because we gave new life to countless amount of old air-chambers, tires or tarpaulins and create our unusual, unique, one-of-a-kind 8bags. See them yourself on our website. We do them because…

…we love Earth and the only border is our mind.

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