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8bag story

Look at it closely. Don’t you think that this colourful streak on a flap is interesting? Or this shoulder belt – it looks so familiar. And this material on the outside – some kind of tarpaulin or what? I bet you haven’t seen such a bag until now. There is something to look at and there is also quite a story to tell. It all began with a typhoon in our city…

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As kids we lived in a city, far away from nature. We didn’t have many occasions to run in forests or swim in lakes. We didn’t think of Earth and her problems: if she needs us or we need her. Ecology? What did it mean anyway? We were playing in city parks or our friends’ houses, we travelled by car or a bus, we ate fast foods and were throwing away trashes anywhere it was possible. And when we had damaged our trousers mom bought new ones.

Until something has changed… One day quite a big typhoon passed through our city and destroyed buildings. Some people were hurt, happily no one got killed. But streets were full of so many things – broken, damaged, devastated. With pack of friends we wanted to help cleaning this terrible mess. But after finding things that where brand new only two days ago we started to feel sorry for them… A colleague brought a bike with bent wheels, somebody else found a broken monitor, a friend took dirty and riddled curtain.

So this is how it all began. We discovered that old things can be used again, not wasted. We took air-chambers and tires of wheels, painted the bicycle green and took it to a garden where it looked very good as a flowerbed. A monitor turned out to be a suitable box for knick-knack. From curtains, air-chambers and tires we created our first bag…

8bag - unique bags made of car seat beltsSeat belt made bag with 8bag - be unique logotype

We do it until know with one difference. Now we are an experienced team of artists and designers with well thought ideas. We know where we can take our materials from and how to make bags to guarantee that they last long. This is our way of life and our way to protect Earth.Car tarpaulin made, unique shoulder bag for women

Our 8bags were born from deep experiences, creativity and idea to live in a different way than everybody else. We do what we love and we want to share it with you.

You’ll feel even more unique than you are now with us.

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