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Hand-made – makes a difference

Take out your hand and touch the world. When you close your eyes yopr fingertips will tell you a story about texture, coldness, warmth, shapes of the object. Take it to your hand. What happens next depends only on you.

8bag is producer and designer of handmade bags

Your hand is able to give new shapes and new meanings to things. Change, transform, turn into something else or destroy them. Your hand can create from the very beginning, give new life and new significance. Engrave a signature.

Designer handmade laptop shoulder bag - 8bagHand-made objects are unique. One hand will never create two identical ones. It doesn’t matter if it jewellery, a knitted sweater, a ceramic mug or embroidered cloth, wooden furniture, sculpture or skirt sewn at home.

All our unique 8bags are hand-made. They are unique not only thanks to upcycled materials but first and foremost to our own hands. They put them together, composed and sewed. Although we use ready projects, every bag is a different story. To each and every one of them we add something new, something different. Different material inside, slightly different color or decoration. One form doesn’t mean replication.Process of design handmade bagsSeat belts used in production of out unique products

So it is with people. We all (almost) have arms, legs, hands, necks, bellies and necks in the same places. But single “copies" are diametrically opposite. As we differ between each other – same is with our hand-made 8bags.

Hand-made is an alternative to the world of mass production, factories, replication and trash. Our own hands are able to create a new world full of new and beautiful things. With love and care.

We have already started to do it by making our8bags for you. What is your idea to create a brave new world?

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