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Recycling vs. upcycling

Upcycling. This is what we do. But what is the difference between upcycling and recycling? And why in so many cases it seems to be a better solution? Although of course no one doubts that recycling is an important element of modern life…

Here is our answer.

8bag - be unique. We love earth

Everybody knows what recycling is. If you are „ecologically orientated” you will probably pay attention to a product with a label: „recycled”. And you are perfectly aware that there are brands and chain stores that sell only recycled products, starting with typical paper, ending with clothes or furniture. People can reduce and transform everything into everything. But think about it in different way. Are we not victims of so called “greenwashing”? Do we have to believe blindly that a recycled product always means more ecological and safe production? Or maybe… It is worth to know brand new way of using not-needed-anymore things? We mean upcycling of course.

Have you ever used an old cup as a small flowerpot or a cup for pencils? Who hasn’t? This is upcycling in most simple and common way. Instead of melting, smashing, crushing – upcycle gives a new meaning, new life, very often new look, but without expensive machinery and waste of energy and money.

Nothing new, you know. In Europe during world war II women had to do it all the time. They didn’t have so many common things – pots, blankets, furniture or clothes. They managed to survive and they were so creative to change destroyed, damaged things into something needed. Or on the other hand – look at avant garde artists and their „ready mades”. They used typical, everyday articles and changed them into pieces of art only by changing environment… They were no longer just things, they were ART.

This idea is so close to upcycling. It should be common in the world of junk, trashes and useless things. Instead of wasting energy and water on processing start from using „wastes” from the scratch. For example tiles from an old building, or wooden floor… Or like us – old tarpaulin or seat belts, air-chambers and other textiles used in cars, banners or tents.

Seat belts used in production of our unique handbags for men & womenCar tarpaulin cover is used by 8bag in handmade production of unique bags

Why not use old things to create new products? Value of the base material is the same, but the environment – will be much more protected. Transport and production of for example new tiles is so expensive. Or bicycle air-chambers – maybe they will be a great element of a new swing for a child or after few changes –a part of a bag? It doesn’t mean that recycling is useless and we should immediately stop doing it! This is not a good idea. It is very necessary in many cases.

Upcycled materials used in production of unique laptop bags

Sometimes upcycling is much more rational. There is an endless amount of materials that can be upcycled. We know it already, because we gave new life to countless amount of old air-chambers, tires or tarpaulins and create our unusual, unique, one-of-a-kind 8bags. See them yourself on our website. We do them because…

…we love Earth and the only border is our mind.

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