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Upcycling, a new idea in the recycling world

Do you know what the upcycling is? We hadn’t known this term too until we discovered that this was what we’ve been doing since we remember – since high school or even earlier. That is right – it was many years before we decided to create our 8bags… Why? Because we’ve always felt that it is more safe for Earth.

But probably you would like to know what exactly this term means and why our 8bags are so unusual. Let’s begin then.

What about alloy can as plant pot - great solution for upcycling!

We were really surprised that people make different, sometimes really wonderful things and call it “upcycling”. Many of us have seen it in our lives without knowing it had a name. For example – we love our desk made of old tables or dresser made of old wooden boards. If you visit us you’ll see it, standing in the corner of the office. We have more examples, each one made by one of us – instead of throwing out old things we used them to make something completely new. And this is what upcycling is in practice.

In simple way the term “upcycling” is to take an existing, usually unused or used in other purpose item and transform it into something useful or even artistic. Imagine this: the soup tin can be transformed into a pencil tin or tea cups into flowerpots. One could say that is recycling, not upcycling but he is wrong – it is something completely different. Upcycling is focused on using and adapting something no longer wanted into something you can use now, while recycling reduces old product to something one can called “base material”, only after than this material can be used to create new products.

Car tarpaulin covers are used to production of our unique bagsThe word “upcycle” was used for the first time in 1994 by Reiner Pilz during an interview about the recycling in Germany. He said that he had been watching how brand new palettes of old building wood imported from England were “recycled”: chopped and smashed with the use of water and some kind of machinery… For him (and for us) – completely irrational. He thought that using this old wood instead of expensive new building materials was a much better solution. It could be cheaper, easier and better for environment. Not to reduce but to improve. Of course it is not always possible. For example an old sheet of paper, somehow you can upcycle it, but how many sheets of paper you can upcycle? This is when recycling is really needed: when you throw your newspaper into the bin, they pulp it and turn into something like a cardboard box or packing material or something different.

Recycling as great way for new look on fashionLet’s return to upcycling. In this “process” we take the original product to transform it and create something useful without strong modifications. It saves energy and water. So simple. You have some old seat belts or old tarpaulin? Create a bag. This is what we do. We take uncommon materials like air-chambers, airbags, tents and, plastic windows etc. and… The effect you can see on our website.

How about an old TV as a fish aquarium? So many possibilities. Such a great space for creativity. And so much love for Earth.

Upcycling is often more simple, safer and wise than recycling. Try it on your own way. But If you do not like spending time on “hand-mades” check what we have got for you.

We love Earth. Do you?

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