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What are our 8bags made from?

Take something old, something unwanted and something damaged. Add some love, care and creativity. Put it all together and give it a name. There you go. A brand new, wanted and undamaged, looking great bag. Made of things that were supposed to be wasted…

8bag is using upcycled materials to produce unique handbags for men & women

Car tarpaulin covers

Our 8bags are hard-wearing and durable thanks to those dozen or so years old, forgotten car tarpaulin cover. This material is waterproof, strong and we use it to make external parts of our bags or parts of it. We give them second life.

Bicycle air-chambers

We make effort to ensure that every 8bag is all made of upcycled materials and products. That is why we use old bicycle air-chambers to make fancy zip slides, to trim flaps and to make other elements of the bag. All our air-chambers come from a certain bicycle repair service.

Safety seat belts

Seat belts are a great and important part of all our bags. Not only we use them as strong and safe shoulder belts. Often we use them also to make external part of the bags by interweaving them.What are our unique, handmade bags made from - Infographic

Codura, old curtains, other textiles

Every bag hides a secret inside. It is colourful, depending on the kind of the material, and thanks to this diversity it is always different.


Mesh is normally used to make advertising banners. And this is where our mesh comes from. They were hanging and advertising fancy products or they were wasted because of some mistakes on the picture. We use them as inside pockets of our 8bags.

Bicycle tires

Just like air-chambers bicycle tire come from a bicycle repair service we know. They don’t waste them, but pass them to us. We transform them into bag footers that protect our bags from damage.Schema present materials used in production of our unique handbags for men & women

Other uncommon things – like computer keyboard

There are so many possibilities! For example parts of a computer keyboard with letters can be used as bag inscriptions or a decoration. We love this idea!

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